A downloadable Shmup for Windows

You are a fish swallowed by one of the great fish behemoths swimming your lake. Now you must fight your way to his vital organs and kill him to escape. 

Avoid bullets as the level changes around you. Collect the guts from the other fish for more score


  • Normal Mode
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Endless Mode

Game only has one level

How to Play

  • Shoot red spots on enemy to kill them
  • You start with 5 lives and can take three hits before losing one
  • Use shift to toggle fast move speed(harder to accurately line up shots)
  • Arrow keys to move
  • Z to shoot

Source Code

Runs in SDL2



BellyBeastNOMUSIC.zip 8 MB
BellyBeastMUSIC.zip 8 MB

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